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MIxed Media

Julie Belcher

Hi Friends & Neighbors,

I primarily post imagery on my various Instagram pages but wanted to write a note about my new mixed media pieces. I first experimented with encaustic beeswax painting in 2006 at Penland School of Crafts - I was teaching a letterpress workshop but was able to sneak into Tremain Smith's encaustic class a few times & put hot melted wax on various surfaces. (I was also able to collaborate with the bookmaking students for added fun!) For the past few years encaustic with mixed media has been a great way to use my mountain of letterpress printed papers in a new way. Along with collage I have been embedding drawings on paper - incising directly into the wax painting with oil paint - and transferring drawings and imagery onto the waxy surface. All 3 are wonderful techniques and combined make unique layering for encaustic. Here are some pix of work in progress...