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  • Pioneer House 413 S Gay St Knoxville, TN, 37902 United States

Join us at Pioneer House for a lovely evening of printmaking, assemblage & collage.

Julie Belcher, Suzie Millions, Jennifer Jessee

with select pieces by Jessica Meyer Gilchrist, Betsy Youngquist, Bryan Cunningham

Piece shown is by Asheville, NC artist Suzie Millions

Vardaman, Mississippi
Mixed media
An ode to the sweet potato, referencing the self-proclaimed sweet potato capital of the world, Vardaman, Mississippi. Reverse painting on a mirrored glass frame mimics a Eudora Welty photograph, with the addition of a blackbird-laden sky. The piece includes a vintage photograph in frame, an early 20th century postcard, sweet potato recipes torn from old cookbooks, a scrap of a hand-appliqued vintage tablecloth, hand-painted swallows, a very old chair leg, and a board embellished by spraying varnish over old cardboard letters, leaving a ghost of “Vardaman, Mississippi” on the wood, like a fading mural on a feed store. (Boarding House piece). Photo by Steve Mann